Fax Plus

Fax Plus

Fax Plus is your portable, smart fax machine! This iPhone/ Android app. combines all the faxing features a business would need like creating, securing, and sending HD faxes.


  • Storage for sent/ received faxes
  • Unlimited faxing options, no location restriction
  • Security feature to preserve important and sensitive faxes
  • Serving the needs of small and large businesses together


  • Sync faxes to phone memory, cloud storage, or other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Offering a flat price rate to send faxes to any country
  • Certified inbound and outbound PCI DSS service, built in SSL/PKI encryption, and global compliance
  • Receive all faxes even when you’re not in the office, traveling, or busy


  • Fax documents, photos, and receipts through iPhone/ Android app
  • Create a professional cover page for all faxes
  • Convert images from photo gallery to faxes
  • Import docs from Google Drive or Dropbox, send as faxes
  • Purchase in-app fax balance (free app download)