With multiple awards like the People’s Choice Award and SAP’s top pick, Docfy is a popular Android app with over a million downloads. This innovative app is used to scan, edit, fax, and convert files to PDFs.


  • Using phone/ tablet camera to take high-quality scans
  • Seamlessly integrate with other devices and applications
  • Editing and improving document scans
  • Flexibility with editing, scanning, faxing and converting documents


  • Exclusive camera features, used specifically for scanning for phone users
  • Fully-optimized edit options like cropping, resizing, brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Integration with other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Enhanced and detailed scans, easy fax and conversion


  • Innovative and simple user experience
  • Create scans and send faxes with multiple devices (phone or tablet)
  • Highly-advanced security features to safeguard sensitive data
  • Suitable for individual or business needs