ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal is a website/ mobile time-tracking application allowing managers, supervisors, and HR to track employees’ working hours and leaves. Time management is a critical tool for small and large businesses.


  • Unrestricted access, from any location and any device
  • Recording of mileage and hours for drivers or remote workers
  • User-friendly experience, with clear instructions


  • iPhone/ Android app solution, use on computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Administrative control to limit or open access points on all devices for users
  • Remote access allowed, tracking of mileage or kilometers
  • Simple and clear design with certain functionality


  • Clock-in and clock-out, record all working hours and progress
  • Record lunches, breaks, lateness, and absences
  • Quick login (2 step process) and logout
  • Add notes/ updates on shifts