With over 100,000 cars on sale daily, Autolina is paving the way for all automotive companies in Switzerland. This innovative car market does it all; they sell/ buy used and new cars at unmatched price rates.


  • Be ahead of the game, with a mobile automotive platform
  • Offer customers a simple and clear user interface
  • Optimize the user experience; share prices, cars, and dealers
  • Include explicit details and visuals for all products


  • iPhone/ Android app where users can sell or buy cars quickly
  • Smart filters (brand/ model, condition, engine power, prince range, criteria, etc.)
  • Share car listings through social media and email
  • High-quality photo gallery with precise info of all cars


  • No third party needed, seal the deal as quickly as possible
  • Immediate portal to customer service, car dealers, and private sellers
  • Search history is available and you can save favorites
  • Receive alerts with latest updates on previous searches